Orange Auto Tag Agency
The auto industry has been long plagued by outdated practices — paper filing, non-compliance, and a general miseducation that’s made dealers lives unnecessarily difficult. But then comes OATA, a young privatized DMV that asked how their industry could be better. 

Private DMVs aren’t anything new, in fact it’s quite the competitive space. So our approach was to position their brand as the educational authority in the market.
Making a Government Sector More Human
Brand Architecture
Content Marketing
Web Design
Trade show booth exp.
Video Production
Introduce the human side to an otherwise dull industry. After all, OATA already had this culture of recruiting vibrant people and vetted experts, now we just needed to put that on the forefront. From there, we would craft a brand that stood for education and innovating the industry.
+ Conducted an immersion research process to understand the culture behind OATA’s success
+ Brand workshop with all 34 team members of the OATA family
+ Developed and redesigned website to convey brand promise
+ Developed a values-centered content strategy and approach to showcase OATA’s goodwill for the industry
+ Consulted and designed trade show booth experience
+ Weekly consultation and collaboration with marketing and sales executive team
Once repositioned, OATA was able to go from a local agency to a national provider. Being the leader has that effect. Sales, retention, and partnerships are now at an all time high, which to them means they’re doing their part in making the world a happier place.
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The King of Content
The auto industry had a serious issue — dealers preferred convenience over correctness (thank the endless regulations for the confusion). So we created a video series where experts in the field could educate everyone properly. OATA became the platform for official industry content that advocates for knowledge of regulations and ethics.
orange auto tag agency oata youtube
A New Kind of DMV
What really made OATA special was their culture of caring people and forward-thinkers. So when it came to creating social media content, the authenticity was undeniable. All we had to do was film what they already did naturally — stuff like volunteering at food pantries and dancing in the office.
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