Stacey Bucek, realtor
Create a down-to-earth real estate brand that didn’t come off as overly casual. It was a balancing act of friendliness and credibility. And in the crowded market of Winter Park Realtors, we needed something that felt fresh.
Making home-buying
fun again
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Video Production
Visual Identity
Web Design
Print Applications
Graphic Design
Our approach here was simple — bring out Stacy’s friendly demeanor and knowledgeable wit into a brand that felt as warm as Winter Park, FL. Think the opposite of a corporate realty firm.
+ Conducted research questionnaires to understand her target’s pain points
+ Facilitated a discovery session to guide a new messaging strategy
+ Location scouting for illustration and art direction
+ Designed physical collateral for major touchpoints
+ Storyboarded, directed, and produced a brand video to introduce the new brand
A lot of sightseeing and research that led to a brand that people loved. Then we built touchpoints that made buying a home a delightful process. We called it ‘The Stacy B. Experience.’
stacy bucek stylescapes mood board
The Neighborhood
If there’s one person who knows Winter Park, it’s Stacy. She told us just about everything there is to know about the city. So we built her a brand and messaging strategy that personified that specialty. And because she didn’t mind us asking a million questions, we were able to create a genuine voice that resembled Winter Park. It was visual and verbal creative working as one. The result — a realty company that people actually wanted to work with.
stacy bucek home is where you live
We created a brand
around Stacy’s strongest trait — her love of homes.
The quirky voice followed suit.
stacy bucek stationary
It’s A Native Thing
Stacy doesn’t just specialize in Winter Park; she’s lived there her whole life. Why? Probably because it’s the most charming city in North America. Her brand needed to reflect that. So our approach was an aesthetic that blended whimsical feelings with some vintage Floridian architecture.
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