Mercr Drive Ministries
There is a neighborhood in Orlando that many refer to as “Murder Drive”, and like so many low-income black communities, their needs are swept under the rug of the city. Social stigmas, economic displacement, and one small church who refuses to give up. They certainly had a story to tell. We came in to give them a voice.
Giving a voice to
the unheard
Brand Architecture
Fundraising Deck
Video Production
Web Development
Walk in the shoes of people living on Mercy Drive and tell their stories as authentically as possible. The result was a brand that anchored itself on dignity, not charity.
+ Developed presentation deck to raise $50k
+ Created a brand strategy guide to assist executive team to re-align board members to the vision
+ Designed and developed a brand new web platform to drive traffic
+ Produced a bank of film-photography assets capturing human stories of Mercy Drive
+ Designed and built out a podcast studio inside the church office
Mercy Drive Ministries needed resources on all fronts — fundraising, recruitment, the works. So they brought us in to create a brand that could do two things: empower the people they serve and enable a sustainable vision for their organization. Within weeks they were able to raise $50k.
heart of mercy mercy drive ministries mercy drive movement logos
It's Always Possible
That’s the mantra of the neighborhood. Once Mercy Drive Ministries launched their new brand in 2020, even more things became possible. New partners, new interest, and real hope for lasting change.
The brand didn’t just stop at the deliverables. We also created a studio and content strategy that enabled the community to engage in dialogue — we called it The Mercy Drive Movement.
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