When you promote yourself you typically want to talk about your services, show some cool mockups, drop a demo reel — standard protocol stuff. Our approach here was different. We wanted to express who we are as people, because in a creative agency, it’s all about your people. The result was an internal campaign that we dubbed ‘The Culture Book’. The book itself was a lot of things to us — a passion project. A confessional. A bludgeon to kill spiders. It won some awards.
We Defined What Made Us, Us
Art Direction
Editorial Design
Video Production
Rather than just write a bunch of core values we got everyone on the team to contribute different concepts for sections in the book. From team interviews, to heartfelt letters and illustrations, each piece defined an aspect of Vidi’s culture.
+ Concepted a culture manifesto
+Conducted team interviews and thought exercises
+ Designed and produced a physical 240 page book
+ Produced and distributed artwork as postcards
+ Ran a month-long Instagram campaign
The Culture Book project won 9 ADDY Awards — 1 National, 4 Gold, 2 Silver, and 2 Mosaic Awards.
This video is the tl;dr version of the project
Better Than
Brand Guidelines
The book wasn’t just a promo campaign. It serves as the Vidi manual — the guidebook for how we onboard collaborators, train team members, and aligning everyone on where we want to go. The Culture Book established our unique approach to branding. 
klir corporate identity stationary
An Art Exhibit
of Sorts
The book itself was both a manifesto and a memoir. And while it did make for a beautiful coffee table book, we knew the artwork had to be shared with the world. So in a month-long campaign we shared select spreads that emphasized Vidi’s philosophies. We mailed them as postcards and promoted them on our IG.
Have a Look
Vidi Inspiration spread
Spread 37 of 120 - Our Inspirations
Vidi Meaning - Magnifying Glass
Spread 55 of 120 - Vidi means...
Vidi Team Photoshoot - Orlando Rooftop sunsets
Spread 20 of 120 - Orlando Sunsets
Vidi Art Direction 2019-2021
Spread 35 of 120 - Vidi Art Direction 2019-2021
Vidi created during Hurricane Irma
Spread 7 of 120 - Vidi was created during Hurricane Irma
Photo of Hurricane Irma's aftermath
Spread 8 of 120 - Photo outside from Hurricane Irma's aftermath
Vidi's everyday objects
Spread 39 of 120 - Our everyday objects & the Vidi mascot, Gin
Vidi Tiny People
Spread 54 of 120 - Tiny people (Individual Portraits taken from 3 different years)
Vidi Future
Spread 12 of 120 - Thinking of the Future by Christian
Vidi Future - Christina
Spread 13 of 120 - Thinking of the Future by Christina
Vidi Eyebars
Spread 14 of 120 - Vidi Eyebars
Vidi Future - J.D.
Spread 15 of 120 - Thinking of the Future by J.D.
Vidi Future - Aaron
Spread 16 of 120 - Thinking of the Future by Aaron
View from the V - Vidi Logotype
Spread 17 of 120 - Views from the V
Veni Vidi Vici Artwork
Spread 38 of 120 - Veni, Vidi, Vici
Vidi Eyes
Spread 11 of 120 - Seeing Together
Vidi 3D Type Study
Spread 75 of 120 - Vidi 3D Type Study
Vid Type Collage`
Spread 41 of 120 - Post Processing/Vidi Type Collage
Vidi Type Studies
Spread 43 of 120 - Vidi Type Studies
Vidi Downtown Orlando Fragments Artwork
Spread 92 of 120 - Downtown Orlando Fragments
Vidi Co-Founder Letter
Spread 90 of 120 - A letter from our co-founder
Cloud Photo outside Vidi Studio
Spread 82 of 120 - Photo taken outside our studio after a day at work
Team Photoshoot on Downtown Orlando Rooftops
Spread 18 of 120 - Team Photoshoot on Downtown Orlando Rooftops I
Team Photoshoot on Downtown Orlando Rooftops
Spread 19 of 120 - Team Photoshoot on Downtown Orlando Rooftops II
Christina described
Spread 25 of 120 - Christina described by others
Aaron described
Spread 27 of 120 - Aaron described by others
J.D. described
Spread 30 of 120 - J.D. described by others
Christian described
Spread 32 of 120 - Christian described by others
'This is not a blog post' video frames
Spread 79 of 120 - 'This is not a blog post' Video - Frame by Frame
Downtown Orlando during the Pandemic
Spread 60 of 120 - Pandemic Times in Downtown Orlando
Easy Luck / Whippoorwill Inspiration
Spread 94 of 120 - Easy luck / Whippoorwill Inspiration
Stardust Video & Coffee
Spread 96 of 120 - Stardust Video & Coffee Interior Energy
Deeply Coffee Mornings photography
Spread 98 of 120 - Deeply Coffee Mornings
Vidi game characters - Brawl Stars
Spread 104 of 120 - Our gamified versions of ourselves. Inspired by Brawl Stars (Aaron's contribution)
Vidi game characters - Brawl Stars 2
Spread 105 of 120 - Our gamified versions of ourselves. Inspired by Brawl Stars (Aaron's contribution)
See the View by Aaron Collage
Spread 116 of 120 - See the View by Aaron (Facilitated workshop by Jacob Z. Wan)
Create and Destroyed by J.D. Collage
Spread 117 of 120 - Create and Destroyed by J.D. (Facilitated workshop by Jacob Z. Wan)
Pull and Push by Christina Collage
Spread 118 of 120 - Pull and Push by Christina (Facilitated workshop by Jacob Z. Wan)
Play Music by Christian Collage
Spread 119 of 120 - Play Music by Christian (Facilitated workshop by Jacob Z. Wan)
Vidi Bebop - Cowboy Bebop inspired artwork
Spread 49 of 120 - Vidi Bebop
The Book of Wondrous Photo
Spread 29 of 120 - The Book of Wondrous
Chapter One - Vision
Spread 6 of 120 - Chapter I: Vision
Chapter Two - Identity
Spread 23 of 120 - Chapter II: Identity
Chapter 3 - Identity
Spread 59 of 120 - Chapter III: Dexterity
Chapter Four - Inspiration
Spread 81 of 120 - Chapter IV: Inspiration
Aaron's Approval
Spread 110 of 120 - Aaron approves
Creative Experiments at Downtown Arts Collective
Spread 72 of 120 - Creative Experiments at Downtown Arts Collective
Christian's Weapon of Choice
Spread 70 of 120 - Christian's Weapon of Choice
Vidi Logo Evolution
Spread 33 of 120 - The Vidi Logomark Evolution & Variations
Vidi Floorplan
Spread 44 of 120 - Parts of the Vidi Studio
For the Record
Eyes of Christian
Christian arriola, Creative Director
What does the culture book mean to you?
Eyes of Aaron
Aaron antonio, brand strategist
What was the guiding compass for the culture book project?
Eye of Stina
Christina nguyen, Executive Producer
What was the process like producing the culture book?
Eyes of J.D.
JD arriola, art director
How did you approach structuring and releasing the culture book?
"We explored the idea of introspection and retrospection; Diving deeper into the meaning of "I Saw." We wanted to make an artifact that acknowledged our four year existence together. It was a collaborative effort to find our brand identity as a collective while imbuing our individual spirit(s). One challenge was making every page flip feel like a fresh new experience – a unique window to our day to day happenings."

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