Jay Wonder
Meet Jay Wonder, the most heartfelt rapper you never heard of. His body of work, while largely underground, is seemingly impossible to define, ranging from haunting introspections to razor sharp commentary. To do any kind of artistic justice here, we needed to absorb the hell out of his music. But how do you personify multi-layered genius?
Branding an artist
Persona Design
Art Direction
Web Development
Video Production
When it comes to great art, sometimes you just have to sit and appreciate the work. In this case, the artwork was Jay Wonder himself. Our goal was to inspire the inspirer through design. So we needed to explore all the influences and nostalgia that shaped his persona.
+ Directed and produced a music video and video assets through guided art direction
+ Facilitated a studio photoshoot to create a bank of content assets
+ Designed album cover art and crafted a physical record sleeve
Jay needed to see for himself what his art could mean to the world. We contextualized an art direction that portrays the power of his pen and rap ability.
jay wonder jarrod white
“Before being an artist, I’m an appreciator of art.” — Jay Wonder
vidi i see program collective 3 jay wonder
The Collective At Work
Unique to this project was the team behind it — The 3RD COLLECTIVE, which was the third group assembled for our I-See Program. The program is our version of an internship. The difference however is format, where we assemble talent on a passion-project basis and the learning experience is received on both ends.
jay wonder photos
An Imaginary Album
Jay Wonder’s work started as an abstract anthology, like an imagined vision held only in his mind. The fleeting mysticism of that ethos felt fascinating. It was only fitting then to title the project, ‘The Imaginary Album’.

10/10 flame.
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