Loom - A Project Manager's Favorite Tool


Christina Nguyen, Director of Communications

Apr 2022


I'm in love.

What can I say? 😌 Loom has won me over with its nifty video messaging ways.
If you've ever had to send a screen recording, does this painful process sound familiar?

1. Find a way to record my screen
2. Download an unnecessarily large video file
3. Find hosting platform that has enough storage and public access to send the file
4. Upload... -__-
5. Share access is denied
6. Go back and change viewing permission
7. Apologize and resend

Long gone are the days of this dreadful multi-stepped drag. Managing creative projects involve a heavy game of telephone and Loom has enabled me to convey visual references and feedback on my own time and with ease.

This app fills in the communication gap between sending a long winded email and having a virtual meeting that doesn't fit everyone's schedule.

Loom has now become one of my most beloved tools that helps provide clarity to my team.

Show Not Tell

As project managers, we gather, process, and repackage information with the aim to move the team swiftly from one milestone to the next. Sometimes text on a screen doesn't cut it. Often I find myself spending more time curating an email or Slack message just to provide the right context. Loom has come in handy in cutting out the back-and-forth thread of trying to get an idea across. Here are a few day-to-day scenarios it's come to my rescue on:

・Giving feedback on design and video edits with exact references
・Providing Clients with context on email attachments that need more guidance
・Quick Client "How-To's" on how to access information or use an asset
・Onboarding tutorials for new Vidi team members
・Recording bugs or errors that make troubleshooting with a support team faster

See it in action through my Loom below!

Free To Play

For those that like to dip their toes before diving in, Loom's free version offers up enough features worth using without the risk.  Yes, there are limits, like a 5 minute recording cap and a maximum of 25 videos in your bank. However, with a little flexibility you can make it work. All of our Fan Favorite Features are included when you start out. If you're only in need of a lite version, here's how to make the most of Loom's free plan.

・Trim down any stalled time by running through bullet points of what you want to go over in your recording
・Video no longer relevant? Archive it to keep your video count within the 25 video limit.

Fan Favorite Features

✓ Automatically copies the share link to your clipboard once you've stopped recording for quick sending
✓ Accessible shortcuts to record on the go through Google Chrome or your desktop toolbar
✓ Video player integration with Slack, Gmail, and Notion for easy viewing without leaving an app
✓ Notification alerts when someone watches your video
✓ Loom's mobile app picks up the audio from the sound played within your device

There's lots to love and learn with Loom. Give it a whirl and see for yourself. https://www.loom.com/