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Jul 2019

I See Program, Collective 3

Aaron Antonio

One of a Kind

Memories from the 6

At some point we realized that our friends are some of the most brilliant creative minds the world would never know. It’s not easy without a platform to just create for the hell of it and in a young city like Orlando, collaboration culture is still developing and finding its own legs. So then it hit us. What if we fostered creativity, you know, like for non-money motives and just helped talented people build things they liked?

A weekly session at the VIDI studio where people discussed and worked on various individual passion projects.

The solution was called Creative Saturdays

Unfocused and over casual, it led to some great conversations but nothing really significant came from it. We wanted to push it further. We went to the drawing board. We refined and combined a few concepts and created what we now call the I See Program (short for interim collaborator aka I.C.), Our goal being to establish a bi-annual, project-based program where classes of talent were assembled to design interesting solutions. Think experiential events, niche brands, etc. The idea is that an assembled class of people collaborate in a condensed period of time to create something cool or useful. We kept it extra-curricular so the same weekly Saturday session was the chosen format. As it turns out, 6-day weeks were pretty tiring but they were also extremely rewarding. There’s just something so stimulating about working within a fresh dynamic of creators, it lets you understand your own mind and come out with new ways to think. And in contrast to VIDI's weekly 5 days of client-related work, the I See Program became both refreshing and fascinating. In six months, we’ve held two projects, which we call Collectives (in reference to the new team dynamic with each project). We’ve created Mingo, a disruptive brand in real estate marketing photography; and IDEATE, an experiential social experiment that brings curious people and meaningful conversation together.

Time flies and here we are. Two Collectives in the books. One more on the way...

This time, the project involves persona design, a term I just coined but it seems fitting, after all, this program is all about trying new things. This summer, we’ll be exploring an art direction and modern identity for music artist Jay Wonder, the most heartfelt and talented rapper you’ve never heard of. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:
Until then, peace and growth ya’ll.