Gummies & Coffee


J.D. Arriola, Art Director

Nov 2022


some thoughts as I eat my haribo gummies and sip my iced espresso.

all too many

as designers,
we solve

as artists,
we challenge

as creatives,
we imagine

as perfectionists,
we strive

as purists,
we preserve

as progressives,
we continue

as humans,
we try

too many faces,
all at once

create to survive

I admire longevity
to exist is to last

the ongoing battle

what is perfection in comparison to progress?

can you progress if you don’t reach this perfection?
can you perfect without progress?

maybe it’s more about the definition(s).
a constant activity. an ongoing process.

nothing is complete but always improving.
disney says.

have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.
dali says.

some fire from our past will suffice.

until then, continue to evolve.

mallet by default

we work on brands
it makes us judgmental


the fight is everyday 
us vs ourselves
at odds

this war we all have

taken for granted
i have trouble starting

another procrastination
we blame every distraction

we forget

to be more collected
to be more productive
to do what’s intended

a gram of fear

the new scroll
of today

for knowledge
for boredom

one to love
none to give


fear of making
fear of showing

only new
never old

what is shown
no time taken

i'm okay
with where I’m at

heart of gold

when It feels true
we’re finally moving
at our best

living proof

we are not
100% chaos

just beautiful madness.

a lift too swift

This idea of

doing something 
never done before

how exciting 
and inspiring

I’m guilty of 
inviting that challenge 
too often.

Dead Attendance

5 grey hairs

attention to detail
is it a gift or a curse?

i am one of

the richest pictures are
composed of great detail

A sum
of great smaller parts

the perfectionist revealed
struggle and obsess
in too deep
its the small things
they say

flawed and flawless
one in the same

what is sought
can’t be reached

and sometimes
it leads us to dead ends.

Burnt Toast

so burnt out

years in
feels more like eons

can’t tell if I
like what I do

replays in my mind
it’s monday again

mr mundane 
juiced at this point


there are so many things
i haven’t tried

this must be
an alternate timeline

i hope it’s a redemption story.

gotta run to the store and get more gummy bears
lmk of any gummy candy i should try, I would gladly appreciate it.

take care
stay curious